Participants & In-Country Blogs:

IMG_1554Lynne Barker, LPS Teacher, Art at Stoklosa Middle School

Interests: Learn traditional styles and techniques of ceramics as well as document traditional shadow puppet making and performance.  Plans include creating a documentary on the making, performance, and transmission of the shadow puppet traditions within Cambodia and in Lowell.

IMG_1629Ann Carpenter, LPS Teacher, Science at Stoklosa Middle School

Interests: Learn about basket and textile weaving and turtle conservation projects.  In addition, learn about fair trade and rural sanitation and health issues to share with students.

IMG_1567Phala Chea, LPS Coordinator of English Language Education Program

Interests:  Help facilitate the research interests, the learning and the curriculum development of participating educators and document the experience of the group using a photo journal.  In addition, research and write a book about the handicrafts in Cambodia i.e. silk weaving, stone carving, pottery/ceramic making, and basket weaving.

 IMG_1549Joe R. Eiler, MCC Professor of Graphic Design, Graphic Design Coordinator            

Interests:  Create modules focused on Cambodian traditional and contemporary design aesthetic.

IMG_0609Darlene Furdock, MCC Professor, English Language Learners & Developmental English

Interests: Create modules that introduce Cambodian heritage and contemporary culture.  Use nonfiction and literary works in translation.

IMG_2417Stacie Hargis, MCC Assistant Professor, Business                                      

Interests: Interview artists and creative enterprises in Cambodia, focusing entrepreneurial activities and create case studies for students.

IMG_1053Janet Persson Koza, LPS Teacher, Music & Math at Stoklosa

Interests: Experience traditional classical and folk music and dance in a variety of settings in order to better support and lead music education using pinpeat ensemble.  Additionally, in collaboration with MCC build a relationship with micro-businesses in Cambodia to create an entrepreneurship pathway from Cambodia to the LPS with a store at the Stoklosa School, profits to support NGOs.

IMG_0276Larisa Kradinova, MCC Associate Professor, English & Humanities

Interests: Investigate Cambodian tales and epic legends, and compare and contrast different works of literature and different cultures, particularly as it relates to Buddhism.

IMG_0997Rita M. McLaughlin, LPS Teacher, Music at Murkland Elementary School

Interests: Research current practices employed in teaching and learning pinpeat classical music in Cambodia, preservation of classical repertoire through notation, recording and archiving.  Plans include starting an after school program for students to learn the pinpeat.

IMG_2398 (3)Jacqueline J. Cathcart-Miller, LPS Teacher, Art at Pyne Arts School

Interests:  Make connection between past and present ornamentation and what part they play on ceramics, architecture and fabrics.  Of particular interest is the traditional ornamentation of Angkor Wat.  Plans include the creation of a book with traditional and contemporary ornamentation with commentary by Master He Samorn.

IMG_0248Kerrianne Pearson, MCC Assistant Professor, English & Humanities

Interests: Investigate the influence of Buddhist visual culture in Khmer art and architecture to prepare curriculum units for Introduction to Humanities at MCC.

IMG_0209Margaret Rack, MCC Professor of Art                                                              

Interests: Help facilitate research interests of the participants and practicalities of the trip. Observe and document adaptations in vernacular architecture in response to development and relocation pressures. Investigate and document contemporary and past wood fire traditions with goal of publishing articles linking Yary’s Kiln project in Lowell, MA to practices in Cambodia.  Work on collaboration for an international ceramics exhibit comprising the work of Yary Livan and contemporary Cambodian ceramicists.