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The Fulbright Conference began on May 31st with a  reception titled Visions of Cambodia at the UnChARTed Gallery in Lowell with student curated pictures donated by Fulbright participants to raise funds for Cambodian Living Arts and the Khmer Magical Music Bus.  Over 100 people attended the reception  – even in the midst of a snowstorm – and we raised over $1,100.

Visions of Cambodia Reception

Vision of Cambodia Reception

Dahvy Tran, Executive Director of the Angkor Dance Troupe

Jacqui Miller, Janet Kozo, Phala Chea, Marge Rack

Darlene Furdock

Kerri Gamache & Stacie Hargis












The next day a northeaster closed the college, so the April 1st conference presentations were postponed until May 6th.

                        May 6th Conference

Fulbright Conference Program 2017 FINAL 5-6-17

Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education and Director of Cambodia’s Cultural Heritage in a Modern World, MCC

Leonard Andaya: Professor of History at University of Hawai’i, Manoa, External Evaluator

The Mekong River is the principal element in an integrated water system that has been the lifeblood of Cambodia throughout history.  Yet the study of water in all its complexity has thus far been neglected by scholars of Southeast Asia.  This presentation will focus on the Mekong River (“Mother of the Waters”) and its integration with Cambodia’s rivers and with the Tonle Sap (“Great Lake”), the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.  It will begin with a short theoretical discussion on the study of water and then proceed to examine in greater detail the Mekong River System, including the Cambodian rivers, the Tonle Sap, and man-made fresh water structures.  The final section of the presentation will apply some of the theoretical issues raised in the beginning to discuss the damming of the Mekong River and its impact on the fisheries of the Lower Mekong Basin (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam).

Lynne Barker and Janet Koza:  Art and Math Teachers, LPS

Stacie Hargis: Professor of Business, MCC

Ann Carpenter:  Science Teacher, LPS

Marge Rack: Professor and Chair of Art, MCC

Jacqui Miller:  Art Teacher, LPS

Joe Eiler:  Professor and Coordinator of Graphic Design, MCC

Rita McLaughlin:  Music Teacher, LPS

Kerri Gamache:  Professor of English, MCC

Lara Kradinova:  Professor of English, MCC

Darlene Furdock:  Professor of Language and ELL, MCC

Phala Chea:  Curriculum Specialist, LPS