MCC Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad Project: 

Cambodia’s Cultural Heritage in the Modern World

The MCC Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad (GPA) project – Cambodia’s Cultural Heritage in the Modern World has enabled educators to deepen and expand connections between Cambodian arts and cultural traditions with the humanities fine arts, social science, and business curricula at Middlesex Community College, the Lowell Public Schools, and our surrounding communities.

The main purpose of this project drew upon Cambodia’s rich artistic heritage as a primary means to understand Cambodian culture and traditions which, when infused into curriculum, support efforts to foster resiliency and a strong self-concept among Cambodian youth/young adults in the Lowell area. Furthermore, the project also fostered an appreciation of Cambodian classical and folk art forms among the general Lowell community and support strategies for sustaining these traditions in the local region.

Many people have made this grant and conference a success – in particular, the twelve participants from Middlesex Community College and the Lowell Public Schools – your enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to understanding and sharing Cambodian culture are transforming curriculum and lives.

Additional thanks go to Susan Anderson, the best grant writing partner; Yary Livan, Cambodian Master Ceramicist and in-country expert; and Phil Sisson, Provost and Academic Vice-President.

We hope this conference is a catalyst for continuing curriculum development and community connections on Cambodia.

With warm regards,

Dona Cady

Project Director of Cambodia’s Cultural Heritage in a Modern World                                Dean of Global Education                                                                                                    Middlesex Community College